Terror Attack in Six Months “Certain”

Terror attack

This administration is taking political advantage with our national security. Desperate for a “win”, they capitalize on an opportunity where from their perspective it’s a “win-win” situation. How?  What is the likelihood of a Terror Attack?


After the debacle that was the Christmas day terror attack, where our Commander in Chief and his top intelligence officer remained on vacation not to interfere with much needed and valuable “family” time, the administration sends FBI agents to Nigeria to meet with Mr. Abdulmutallab’s family. This kinder, gentler approach produces a talkative terrorist who reveals who he trained with and where, as well as other pertinent information they refuse to divulge under National Security issues. However, administration officials are comfortable enough to discuss openly what type of information they have received to give us insight to what they are doing and why their approach worked so well. Now we have information that the next attack is “certain” within the next three to six months. (Note: no increase in threat level).


The kinder, gentler approach creates the opportunity to orchestrate a “win-win” situation for the administration badly in need of a win.


Win #1 – The administration wants us to believe they gained valuable intelligence which would otherwise not be available as a result of the kinder gentler approach. Remember, attack “certain” in 3-6 months.


Win #2 – If an attack occurs, the administration claims a “win” by haven given sufficient warning to the attack generated from a great “family” moment. If the attack doesn’t occur, the great approach provided sufficient intelligence to defeat the attack.


Our intelligence communities are actively working on current investigations to prevent terrorist attacks. DO NOT be surprised to read or hear about a thwarted substantial attack in 2-3 month time frame. This administration will step up and use information on active cases already in its pipeline to benefit its political agenda. It will drive a message that their operational plan worked despite the critics. In the world of “Fed Speak”, they would not have lied – their plan did work. Unfortunately as Americans we will believe a terrorist attack was averted. To the administration, an attack was also averted to their agenda. This disconnect is just what our counter-terrorism program is all about. God help us….