Shooter in the Planned Parenthood Facility in Colorado Springs, Lifrieri on Fox, Sat. November 28, 2015

shooterSal is scheduled to appear on Fox News (national),
Saturday morning at 6AM and 8AM Eastern time
The shooter at Planned Parenthood
in Colorado Springs on November 27, 2015

Sal was asked to appear because of his experience
in hostage negotiation, which is one of his areas of expertise.

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3 Alleged Terrorists in Brooklyn, Sal Lifrieri on MSNBC, February 26, 6am

morning-joe3 Alleged Terrorists were arrested in Brooklyn for
allegedly plotting to join ISIS as terrorists (Feb. 26)

See Sal Lifrieri
discusses this development on

MSNBC: Morning Joe Show
February 26, 2015 at 6am

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Story currently running on MSNBC:

Threat on the Mall of the America and public security

Public Security and
The Threat on the Mall of America by al-Shabab


Sal Lifrieri appears
News 4 New York
February 23 at 7pm

The one-hour show covers the day’s major news events
and is anchored by the NBC4 news team.

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Mall threats, Nairobi Mall attack, Mall of America Threat and public safety

Mall Threats discussed on ABC 7 News

sal-lifrieri-on-abc-7-about-mall-securitySal Lifrieri addresses Mall Threats on
ABC 7 News in New York with Anthony Johnson
February 23, 2015 between 4-7pm

The topic is the threat on the Mall of Amercia and what law enforcement has done/ learned since the Nairobi mall
attack in 2013.

Mall of America threat by al-Shabaab addressed by DHS Jeh Johnson

mall-of-americaA new video from Al-Shabaab calls for attacks with a Mall of America threat and a summon to lone wolves to attack other places of large public gatherings. The call for the attack is not something new as it seems that every week there is another call for an attack. As a country we will respond exactly as we have in the past. We will increase security, provide greater coverage both with visible and non-visible protection mechanisms, and will spend a small fortune trying to protect something that may never come.  Our intelligence agencies will spend thousands of man hours trying to determine what might happen, when it might happen and what connection there is to an organized group. We take great comfort when we can pinpoint the threat and show some form of organizational support and hierarchy.

But what happens when there is no organizational support? When you have no real idea as to whom or where the attack will come from. We are advised by the government that “no credible threat exists, but what does this mean? It means no one credible in the eyes of law enforcement has given any information as to a plot to commit the attack. Does this mean that the attack won’t happen? Don’t bet on it. According to the Secretary, “The world is dealing with a “new phase” of global terrorism. Now, such groups are using the Internet and social media to push people to carry out attacks on their own”. The English translation is there is no way for law enforcement to know where the attack will happen or even who might conduct such an attack. We can’t take comfort in being told that no credible threat exists, because it doesn’t mean what we want it to. We need to realize that no one has any clue about the crazed self-radicalized, so called “lone wolf”.

It often said by members of law enforcement “thank god they are stupid, it gives us a chance to catch them”. They are no longer stupid, it is much worse, they are crazy. As we have seen, one self-radicalized lunatic with a weapon is all that is needed to shut a city down.

ISIS Demands $200mil for Hostages, Sal Lifrieri on FOX, 2:30pm Eastern

melissa-francis-on-moneyISIS Demands $200 Million for
Return of Two Japanese Journalists,

One of Whom Also Works in Medical Aid Relief.
This ransom demands matches the amount of money that
Japan has pledged to fight ISIS and help Syrian refugees.

Sal Lifrieri is part of a panel on the Fox Business Network
“Money” hosted by Melissa Francis

January 20, 2015 at 2:30 Eastern Time

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The New ISIS Threat & New York City, Sal Lifrieri, PIX 11, January 12, 2015

mario-diaz-pix-11-newsWhat the New ISIS Threat Means
to New York City

Sal Lifrieri with Mario Diaz on PIX 11 News
January 12, 2015 at 5pm
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Sal Lifrieri on CNN, The Continuing French Hostage Situation, January 10, 2015

sal-lifrieri-on-cnn-on-french-hostage-situationSal Lifrieri returns to CNN
The Ongoing French Hostage Situation
January 10, 2015 at 4pm

Paris Hostage Takers, Sal Lifrieri on CNN Newsroom, January 10, 2015


The Hostage Takers in Paris
Reviewed with security adviser and former hostage negotiator,
Sal Lifrieri on the
CNN Newroom
January 10, 2014 at 11 am

French Hostage Crisis, Sal Lifrieri on Alan Colmes Radio, January 9, 2015

Alan Colmes RadioThe French Hostage Crises
is the topic as security advisor and former hostage negotiator,
Sal Lifrieri is a guest on

Alan Colms Radio
January 9, 2015 at 7pm