New Legislation To Protect Young People – The Eraser Law

Based on new legislation passed by the state of California, starting in 2015 young people will be able to delete materials – text content, photos, videos – they posted on Internet web sites with the Eraser Law.

Cyberbullying – Additional Legislation Due July 1, 2013

An update to a New York state law on bullying is set to be enacted July 1, 2013.

Kim Kardashian and social media stalking – What the average person needs to know

Celebrities have resources to react to stalking cases. Just yesterday, we saw Kim Kardashian contemplate the next steps in an ongoing case she has against a stalker who she retains a restraining order against. Her legal team will meet with law enforcement and determine future actions. I am sure more news stories will be developed […]

Protecting Victims of Stalking from Themselves

Stalking today is growing at an epidemic rate. Advances in technology make it easier than ever to stalk someone. As we have seen in recent months, the use of Facebook and Twitter can be a great source of information on someone. The agony is the victim is posting the information themselves. Just how dangerous is […]

Sandra Bullock Stalker – Lessons learned

The events surrounding this case are not any different from the nearly six million cases a year the epidemic known as stalking produces. What makes this case stand out is the celebrity of the victim. Sandra Bullock Stalker – Lessons learned What should the average person do when faced with this type of situation? For […]

Stalker Series Blog – Should I Change My Phone Number?

Often times, victims of stalking try to distance themselves from the stalker by changing their phone number or email address. While this may be a short term solution, it often has a different effect and can cause certain impediments to the case. First, get another phone number and give that new number to only very […]

Stalker Series Blog… Are you a victim of Stalking? Continuing series on tips to stop a stalker…. Today – How detailed logs can help

Are you a victim of stalking? This series of blog entries examines what you can do to help yourself. Today – How detailed logs can help Once you recognize you have a stalking situation, it is time to start to do something about it. It is at this point frustration settles in and you become […]

Stalker Series Blog… Are you a victim of Stalking? Continuing series on tips to stop a stalker….

Stalking is at an epidemic level today. The advance of technology has made the crime of stalking much easier; a personal approach from a greater distance with greater ease of frequency. Many victims feel frustrated and defenseless in dealing with the prolonged agony of a stalking case.  In today’s first segment, we will examine the […]

Telephone Spoofing – A Tool Used by Stalkers to Stalk Victims

Imagine getting a call from the Police Department you just made a report to about being stalked. The caller ID says it’s from the Police Department, a number you recognize. You talk to the Detective assigned, give your additional personal information and feel safe knowing someone is working on the case. Congratulations, you have just […]